Getting Started

Choosing the right platform, that fits your needs could be overwhelming. We made it easy for you to get started in minutes. We built a system with beautiful designs, mobile access, easy content management, excellent customer support to make you feel free and creative while you build a successful website.

Lets create a website in minutes!

Check out our themes

Pick one of our beautiful themes. that is closest to your liking, however you can change it anytime without losing your content.

With the built in Designer Tool you have the freedom to change every aspect of the design without coding and drag and drop.

Choose a billing plan

You can choose a plan that matches your needs the best: Free, Basic, Business, Ultimate

Sign up

Signing up in 3 steps takes less than minute and your site will be ready immediately.

Finalize logo

Go to Settings > Menu & Logo

Click on Click to Edit or Upload your logo

You can change your Logo Title and add Slogan, here.

Select part of the text and click Highlight Text to emphasize part of the logo or slogan

Add social links

Go to Settings > Social Icons

Select where you want the icons to show up: Top of the Sidebar, Bottom of the footer

Paste your social links to the relevant field

Remove default pages

Go to Pages

Click on Delete next to the page that you wish to remove.

If a page has any sub page it cannot be removed until the sub-pages are deleted.

Home page cannot be deleted, because the website needs at least one page.

Add new pages

Go to Pages

Click on Add Subpage next to the page where you want to dd a new page below.

Organize your pages

Go to Pages

Click Reorder Menupoints

Drag and drop the pages to their new location. 

Click Save when you are done.

Link your own domain

Send a request to and we link your domain to your site.

Ask for help!

If you have any questions or need advice you can chat, email or call us! Our support team have you covered!