Designed for your needs

It’s beautiful

You will find the best built-in designs, but your limit is the sky if you want to customize.

Has it all

Tools you need to grow your business: forms, galleries, social media embed and a lot more.

Easy to use

All the tech expertise you will need is copy and paste. That’s all.


You can get it for free. Our first premium package costs you less than a large latte.

 Beautiful designs

Responsive and customizable

Uploaded images automatically optimized and resized to fit every device
from mobile phone to big screen retina displays and
they only use the necessary amount of data.
Choose between speed optimized and Quality optimized methods


Imagebar and SlideShow

Two types of headers, both with unlimited slides, configurable speed. Type 1: fixed ratio pixel-perfect banners with plain text boxes. Type 2: dynamically resized cover slides with HTML formatting video or image backgrounds. select the focal point of the image or video that will always be visible no matter on which device it appears on


An unlimited number of pages.

Seamless WYSIWYG editing. Thousands of insertable icons. Insert anything from web page links with automatically generated previews through images and videos to dozens of 3rd party widgets like surveys, maps, animations, etc. Freely editable rows and columns. Every row can have four different predefined highlighted styles, or you can customize them on the spot. Password-protected pages


Create your dream image galleries

11 different ready to go gallery layouts. 15 over-writable settings to fine-tune the details of your gallery. An unlimited number of images per page. Automatic responsive image optimization for every device

Social Media and Embed

You can add with twitter, Facebook, and google preview images and titles to every page and blog post. 16 different social media selectable for footer icons. Select your share icons from 8 social media platforms


Multiple separeted blogs per site. Easy to use tagging system.
Automatic title, tag.
Schedule your posts.

 Contact Forms

 Built in contact forms.
You can select from a basic form or an advanced one with file upload capability.

Fluid Menu

The menu automatically adjust itself to fit to any screen.

No Coding

Edit your pages, blog posts, settings and designs without a single line of code. 


Upload your own image or use the built in designer.

Free Web Fonts

Over 800 built in google fonts. Multi-language support,


Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Twitter Universal Website Tag integration


Editable sidebar with facebook and tagcloud widgets.

Free Hosting

We use 166 CDN locations all over the world to provide fast loading time.