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The Posts in this blog are examples to show you how your SmartBlog could look like.

SmartLink: Link Post example

These cute and cuddly animals are the newest additions to zoos around the world.

Do you want to show an interesting webpage, article or blogpost you found on the internet to your readers? You may have realized, that plain links don't really work nowadays: it's not the 20th century anymore, the people need rich, colorful experience if you want to grab their attentions, but creating an outstanding post has been a tedious task.

Not anymore! With Smartagon, you just enter a simple link, we search through the whole page looking for useful information, and we automatically generate an impressive link, insert a description (like "These cute..." above), you only need to pick one from the found images and add your own thoughts!

By now you most probably suspect that the result will be fully responsive, so it will look nice on PCs, laptops, iPads and other tablets, and even iPhone and other cellphones, no matter their screen size.