Edit Page Advanced View

In Edit Page, you can turn on Advanced View, that gives you access to very powerful tools and settings to fine tune a page appearance, boost SEO (search engine optimization) and online presence.

Lets take a look at how we can use them!


When you add a new page, you can set its type to best support the content you wish to upload.

Pages Types

- Editable Web Page

- Blog

- Gallery

- Redirect

- Link Form


- Visible in Menu

- Available only through URL

Password Protected

- Yes

- No

Sidebar position

- On the side

- Below the Content

- Turned Off

Content Width

- Normal width content

- Full width background, normal width content

- Full width background, full width content

Content Highlight

- None

- Default background

- Row Highlight #1

- Row Highlight #2

- Row Highlight #3

- Row Highlight #4

Title in Menu

- Textfield

URL Slug

- Textfield

Title in Page

- Textfield

Title in <title>

- Textfield

Meta Description

- Textarea


- Textfield

Facebook Title

- Textfield

Facebook Description

- Textfield 

Facebook Image

- Upload image 

Twitter Title

- Textfield 

Twitter Description

- Textarea

Twitter Image

- Upload image 

Twitter Default Share Text

- Textarea