How to Create a Gallery Page

A gallery is a very important part of a website. It needs to look amazing and practical. 
You can choose from 11 different gallery types and with the the additional settings the possibilities are endless.

Lets build a Gallery Page!

Go to Pages and click Create New > Webpage or click to Add Subpage next to an existing page.
Select Gallery for Type

Fill out the Title in Menu

Intro is optional.

Select the Gallery Type that you like.

At Customize details, if you click Yes, Overwrite Default Setting you can make additional changes to the gallery appearance.

If you already have images you can drag them to change their orders

At Upload Images section you can select and upload multiple images

To make the images load fast on your website, we generate different sizes for each. That process could take a bit and until they are done we show the original size images in the meantime. This could make the page load slower, but it's only temporary.