How to add Facebook Plug-In to you website

Being connected to the social media is very important. You may have already saw that we support Twitter posts for your blog. 

Our Facebook plugin is easy to add and easily customizable.

Let's just get started with how to add facebook to you website

1, Go to your facebook page and copy the URL

2, Log in to to your account at  Smartagon Admin

3, Click Settings and find the Facebook section

Facebook Page Sidebox

Paste your Facebook URL, that you just copied and paste it into the box next to Facebook Page Sidebox.

That will automatically turn on the Facebook sidebox. Delete the URL to remove the Facebook Page sidebox.

Facebook Page Title

You can name your Facebook Sidebox. IT could be just "Facebook", "Like me", "Social Media" or anything you have in mind.

Facebook Show Posts

You can turn on live facebook post feed.

Facebook Show Faces

Showing the face of your Facebook friends it is up to you. You can set it here