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The Posts in this blog are examples to show you how your SmartBlog could look like.

SmartVideo: Video Post example from YouTube

Van Halen - Jump
from TheCrazyAssault on YouTube

No surprise that on Smartagon adding videos to your blog is dead simple too. Just enter a url like"" ("" works too) and the video is automatically inserted into your post. Smartagon even generates a static preview avoiding the loading of many videos in the same time slowing down your website! You can read more about all the video services (among them Vimeo, Coub, TED, Ustream or Kickstarter) Smartagon can grab videos from here.

On the top of this, Smartagon has a revolutionary Responsive Video Engine that automatically optimizes the video size on PCs, laptops, iPads and other tablets, and even iPhone and other cellphones, no matter their screen size!