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The Posts in this blog are examples to show you how your SmartBlog could look like.

SmartPhoto: a Photo Example

endless summers
from © gillianvilla on Flickr

Adding photos to your blog is easier than ever!

In this post we just entered "" (the address of a Flickr page) and the Smartagon engine automatically grabbed the image from that page, filled in all the necessary information about the photo and created a popup to view it in bigger size. You can read more about all the image services (among them Facebook, Instagram, 9gag etc) Smartagon can grab images from, or you can enter a plain .jpg, .gif or .png url too.

Ohh, and the image is automatically responsive, meaning that it will be shown in optimal size on PCs, laptops, iPads and other tablets, and even iPhone and other cellphones, no matter their screen size!

By the way, this example is 2in1: you may have noticed, that if you click on the "Redirect to Photo Post" menupoint in the menubar above, you are redirected here. This is because "Redirect to Photo Post" is a Redirect Page. By creating Redirect Pages, you can put Blog Posts into the menubar, or you can put a single Page into more than one place, which can be handy if you have a huge menu structure.